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About The Author
Carolyn J Rogers

Carolyn initially wrote the stories on this site for her son when he was small. Throughout her life, Carolyn had always loved children, and was very aware of what children liked and how to interest and excite their young minds. As a result, she wrote brilliant children's stories, which really captivate tiny imaginations.

When her son started primary school in 1988, she began working at the school as a volunteer. Before long, her enthusiasm and skill led to her being offered a full-time job at the school, as a teaching assistant. Carolyn loved her job and was well liked and highly respected by the children and staff alike.

Despite developing cancer in 1997, Carolyn fought on and continued in her job until early 2003 when she became too ill to work. Sadly, Carolyn died in September 2003.

Since her son's childhood, the original hand-written stories have lain in a cupboard, waiting for the next time they would be enjoyed by children. Mindful of her love of children and her years of work with them, we felt it would be a fitting tribute to publish these stories on the world-wide web so they can be enjoyed by an audience of many children.

Maurice and Chris Rogers, October 2004
Husband and Son of Carolyn Rogers.